Charlie is Morrie's father. This man has a hard destiny. Being younger he was running from the Russian army to America in order not to die. He was there completely alone, without money, food, clothes, and place to live. He was even uneducated that is why he didn’t speak English. Exactly in that time, he found his wife, who helped him to survive and not to die. They got married and gave birth for two kids. Unfortunately, after his wife died, he has totally changed and became so harden, that even a stone could seem softer. Morrie always felt like he lacks attention and simple warmth from the father. As he worked in the fur factory, he took Morrie with him, in order to teach how everything works, to be able to pass him the job and the position in the future. But Morrie didn’t like it; he always wanted to teach.

Charlie raises his children on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and even working at the fur factory seldom finds jobs and earns barely enough money to feed his family. He shows Morrie and his brother David little attention, and no affection whatsoever, and insists that Morrie keep his mother's death a secret from David, as he wants his son to believe that his stepmother, Eva, is his biological mother. He dies after having run away from muggers, and Morrie must travel to New York to identify his body at the city morgue. To be honest, a destiny of this poor boy Morrie is very hard. Who can ever ask a little boy, even in a teenager to shut up and never tell the brother that the real Mom is dead? Why should the memory of her be forgotten? It is simply unfair.

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