Colonel Pickering

Colonel Pickering is a gentleman and well-educated academic who studies the peculiarities of Indian dialects and other language notions. As the readers may see, the man shares common interests with Higgins who is also interested in the studies of languages, even though Pickering is not so devoted to the field. However, his researches in language are not only one achievement of the hero. He is also the author of Spoken Sanskrit. Later in the story, it becomes evident that it is Pickering who gives Higgins the idea for the venture with Eliza.

However, contrary to the professor, Pickering treats Eliza kindly and does not ignore her inner feelings and concerns. He respects her as a human being. Consequently, his attitude to the girl only encourages her to change and work on herself. Eventually, Pickering feels guilty and apologizes to Eliza for treating her like the subject of a venture. This fact proves that he is not as selfish as Higgins and has a courteous nature.

He even calls her Miss Doolittle, demonstrating that her social status and material conditions should never prevent the girl from respecting herself. All in all, Pickering is a positive hero, an authentic gentleman with excellent manners. Throughout the story, he considers the feelings of other individuals. The fact that he treats Eliza with respect eventually makes the girl respect and love herself.

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