Connie Rivers

Connie is Rose of Sharon's husband. He is nineteen years old, and he dreams to start going to school in California and work there on the radio. Those big dreams are a little bit too big to happen, but about this later.

Connie is in love with Rose of Sharon. He wants to do everything to make her and their future child happy. Connie thinks that she is very beautiful, kind and simply the best woman in the world. He is devoted to his wife, but as well he is a little bit fearful. Once, he said that he feels much easier when he is near her. He likes the feeling when he can touch her, and be sure no one else will do that. That is why we can summarize that he is even a little bit jealous which means he isn’t confident in himself.

Rose of Sharon’s husband supposes that if he takes and finishes correspondence courses that will open him a way to the job of his dreams and all will immediately take him to the job. Unfortunately, dreams not always come true. When he reaches California and does not find work, he immediately becomes harsh and leaves his pregnant wife. This act of selfishness and immaturity surprises no one but his naïve wife and the reader too. Maybe his behavior and the fact he leaves Rose of Sharon became one of the reasons for child’s death and Connie’s following apathy even to the fact of that child’s death. How could such a strong love turn into such a mess? Guess no one will get to know an answer to this question.

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