Cosette is Fantine’s daughter. Soon after her birth, her father abandons the family, and Fantine has to leave her with Thénardier family and work hard to earn money. The Thénardier family uses Cosette as a servant. At a very young age, being only five years old, she has to do all the hard work about the house, including running errands, washing dishes, cleaning, and carrying heavy burdens, and such unhappy childhood leaves a trace on her personality and attitude to others. Nevertheless, she does not lose the ability to dream, and finally, her dreams come true as Jean Valjean rescues her. She grows up living with him and considers herself to be a beloved daughter of Father Madeleine.

At first, she is cold and indifferent to other because while living with the Thénardier family, she had nothing to love and no one who would love her. Similar to Jean Valjean, she is warped because of the bitter experiences of the past. However, she grows up and becomes a beautiful girl who learns what love is when she finds out about Marius’ feelings. First, like any other young girl, she does not understand what is happening to her. But as she perceives the true meaning of love and romantic feelings, she becomes happy and marries Marius.

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