Being the narrator of the story Death doesn’t appear as a described character, but according to her words, we see that she is a fascinating character. Death is a sarcastic creature with a strange sense of humor. This character is dynamic in the novel as we see that during the novel progress and the World War II, Death feels and shows regret and even tired of a task to get so many souls. But at the beginning, she was happy to have a lot of favorite jobs. As a strange being Death is described as the very cynical and ironic creature-narrator.

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Death Quotes

Humans have a talent for escalation.-Death


Death about Heil Hitlering p. 117-118.You know, it actually makes me wonder if anyone ever lost an eye or injured a hand or wirst with all of that. You'd only need to be facing the wrong way at the wrong time, or stand marginally too close to another person. Perhaps people did get injured. Personally, I can only thell you that no-one died from it, or at least, not physically. There was, of course the matter of forty million people I picked up by the time the whole thing was finished, but that's getting all metaphoric.


Liesel was sure her mother carried the memory of him, slung over her shoulder. She dropped him. She saw his feet and legs and body slap the platform. How could that woman walk? How could she move? That's the sort of thing I'll never know, or comprehend-what humans are capable of."Death-


In the darkness of my dark-beating heart, I know. He’d have loved it, all right. You see? Even death has a heart.


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