Dilsey Gibson

Dilsey is the only source of stability in the Compson household. She is the permanent black housekeeper of the Compson family. Her children and then grandchildren have been working in Compson’s house all their lives. She is the only character detached enough from the Compsons’ downfall to witness both the beginning and the end of this final chapter of the family history.

She is the main character of the last fourth part of the novel and is almost the only unselfish and kind person there. Now we have an opportunity to get to know much more closely the atmosphere that reigned in the Compson's house, find out how they live. We can say that she is a better mother to Compson’s children than their actual mother Caroline is. Dilsey is an unprejudiced glance to Compson’s, and, in fact, reveals the truth about Jason and his mother, and what bottoms reached the moral disorder of the fallen members of the family.

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