Dorian Gray

This hero of the book is the main one as you understood. He is physically so beautiful that no one can see him easily without a desire to kiss. Even men. At the beginning of the story, he is nice, good-hearted. But this all changed until he gets corrupted by vanity?

What is the main thing in the story – he gets his picture, and for some reasons, the picture changes. Yes, his body still remains the same – beautiful and young, he even gets younger with every new day. But his portrait gets changing day a day. It shows his real age and moreover – it shows his changed soul. He eventually seems to bring corruption, pain, and death to all inhabitants of the social circles in which he moves.

The main hero is the biggest contradictive hero from all the literature universe. He is everything at the same time – good and bad; beautiful and hideous; perfect and terribly flawed. Most importantly, he's literally two things at once—he's himself, a living, breathing human being, and he's also the portrait, a visible reflection of the state of his (crumbling) soul.

Sibyl Vane was in love with him, and he always called him "Prince Charming." The whole book takes part around the secret of Dorian; he was the only person who understood that his soul is dying under all those bad things he does and thinks.

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