Dr. Brodsky and Dr. Branom

Talking about Dr. Brodsky we can assume that this doctor definitely didn’t make any Hippocratic oath.

He is the overseer of Ludovico's Technique, and is portrayed as a sadistic doctor who revels in torturing Alex. He and the other doctors, including Dr. Branom, have just as natural inclinations toward violence as Alex does. One difference – Alex is sitting in jail, while these two doctors are free to do whatever evil they want in the name of science.

Dr. Branom is Dr. Brodsky speaks in a calm voice and seems to maintain a scientific detachment at all times, even when Alex is experiencing the horrible illness associated with Ludovico’s Technique. He is also assistant and the doctor in charge of instructing Alex during his treatment. Like Dr. Brodsky, Dr. Branom tries to maintain a cool scientific detachment. However, her zealousness for reforming the prisoner shows through during some of her speeches about the need to cure him.

These two white-coats are behavioral scientists who are excited to harm people and to do whatever they want with them. Both are soulless and content with their work. They're not exactly personable, and are more than a bit patronizing to Alex(we can’t wait to give you the most visible citation which will prove our words):

"You had a very positive response. Tomorrow, of course, there'll be two sessions, morning and afternoon, and I should imagine that you'll be feeling a bit limp at the end of the day. But we have to be hard on you; you have to be cured."

They don't understand Alex (nor do they have any interest in doing so). Moreover, they aren’t interested in knowing Alex. Also they aren't bothered one bit by Alex's inability to make moral choices. In fewer words, they may well be the soulless automatons (or "clockwork oranges") that Burgess opposes so vehemently.

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