Dr. Flint 

A character no one would sympathize with. We can discover what person he is from his actions that are vividly described by Linda. Dr. Flint is a white man who is rich enough to have black servants as his property. If to generalize his portrait, he is a rude and cruel owner everybody is afraid of. It seems like violence gives Dr. Flint a deep feeling of pleasure and he mocks his slaves with enjoy. It is not difficult to find the reason for Dr. Flint to become cruel, and servants never know when his abasement starts.

A horrible stormy character makes servants shake and be always attentive. In cases, he was not stormy violent, he remains speechless confidence that every black servant is his property and is supposed to follow his wills. We can notice the disgusting feeling that Linda experienced from Dr. Flint presence. She shows how insidious her master is. The proof for this fact could be found in constant forcing Linda to do the things she was not supposed to do. For instance, reading letters or what is worth to use her for his sexual needs.

However, we can notice that Linda does not make him fully guilty. She states that the fault is in the system that diminishes the life of white and black in the same way, making them victims.

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