Dr. Kate Murry

Katherine, or Kate, Murry is a mother of Meg, the twins Sandy and Dennys, and Charles Wallace. Mrs. Murry is a successful scientist in the field of microbiology. Together with Mr. Murry, she has investigated the teaser or a wrinkle in time. She is described as a very attractive woman, and this physical attractiveness, together with her accomplishments in science, makes Meg envy her. Besides that, Meg admires her mother’s strength and trust in the fact that Mr. Murry will once return home. Meg wishes she could believe in this as strongly as her mother did.

Mrs. Murry is perceived as the glue that holds the whole family together, and that is why, it becomes particularly hard for Meg to realize that under the disguise of a strong and steady woman, her mother feels pain because of her husband’s disappearance. It boosts Meg’s confidence and makes her try to find Mr. Murry and save him. Mrs. Murry’s strength lies in taking control over her emotions. She understands that even though Mr. Murry has disappeared and there is no guarantee that he is alive, she should live for her children and be strong so that they will be strong too. Every day, she writes letters to her husband realizing that he will never receive them.

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