Dr. Rank

Dr. Rank, a rich friend of the family, greatly differs from the other characters of the story. In fact, he seems to truly love Nora and shows his sincere feelings endlessly to the woman. He is the only one character from the play who seems to accept his destiny, although it is even more tragic than the difficulties in the lives of others. Besides, the man does not care about what other people will think about him. Unlike his best friend, he never thinks about his own image or status in the community. He knows that he will die soon and accept this fact with dignity. The readers may see that he speaks honestly about what is on his mind. Therefore, he is the only one who always behaves sincerely. Contrary to other characters, he accepts everything and never blames his destiny for all the challenges on his way. In addition to this, although he needs help for himself, the man seems to always care for his friends. For instance, he tries to avoid the talk with Torvald about his disease, mainly because he knows that it is unpleasant for his best friend to see the dark side of life.

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