Count Dracula

Count Dracula

The main hero of the book is Count Dracula. It is still unknown how he became a Dracula. Van-Helsing calls him a King-Vampire, and it even doesn’t matter that he wasn’t the first in his race. He can do a lot of things; his range of abilities is very wide:
1) he can command to any animal to do anything he wants;
2) he controls the weather;
3) he can turn into the mist or even into the dust;
4) he has superpower to be the speediest and the most strength;
5) his gaze is hypnotic to anyone who will look into them;
6) he can transform into a wolf or a bat.

As well as any superhero, Dracula also has some weak sides. For example:
1) he can’t be on the light of sun, only night is his friend;
2) he cannot enter a home of any person unless he is invited there, but of course the power of hypnotise help him to deal with it;
3) he cannot do anything if he is faced by a cross, garlic, or a piece of communion wafer;
4) he can’t walk on the water, but if it is low then he is okay with that;
5) he have to sleep in the ground which is on the burial of his relatives and in the grave of course.

When the book begins, he is an old man, but the more he feeds, the younger and stronger he becomes. During all his life he was living in Transylvania, but he is completely bored with so he thinks to move to London where he will have millions of free and fresh blood.

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