Dueña Alfonsa

This senorita is the one who definitely needs to be discussed. What is the most interesting, she appears only twice? You may think, what can you say about her if her character doesn’t have a lot of lines and moves at all? How can we discuss if she isn’t even a dynamic character? Well, during this two times we get to know so much information about her that you will be shocked.

So, she is a godmother and grandaunt of Alejandra. She is very old, like 72 years old, and she lacks two fingers on her left hand because of the shooting accident. Do we need to continue with describing her character? This woman is totally crazy, in a good sense. By the way, she is described as a smart woman.

When she appears, she talks to John and makes her position very clear – she doesn’t want John to become a part of their family. Oh, what evil grandmothers exist. Also, we can suppose that she refuses John because of her own failures in love at the same age. The only reason she does everything was a big love to Alejandra and the desire to save from wrong life decisions. She truly believes that Alejandra is too young to make decisions by herself. Who knows, maybe 17 years is a really small age to make such serious decisions.

By the way, she isn’t evil at all. When Alejandra begs her to pay money to make John free from the prison, she agrees, but with one promise – Alejandra will never see John again. That was the price of his freedom. She is responsible for all the love ending, for the broke up and simple further life of her family.

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