Edna Guidry

Edna Guidry is a wife to the sheriff. She is described in the book as an extremely kind woman with a deep heart and ability to sympathize people. Actually, this woman is one of the rare characters in the book that can deeply and sincerely sympathize with black people. Being a wife of the sheriff, Edna makes all she can to better the position of Jefferson and let his people visiting him. The woman is not able to do much, but we can clearly see how crossed she is with the situation. Throughout the book, one can notice how this situation touches her heart.

It is important to mention that Edna sympathizes not only Jefferson. She is also crossed with the condition of the widow Grope. The woman does not take the one side protecting someone’s rights. She just sympathizes to those who are crossed and look broken. She is ready to hug Madame Grope, and at the same time, she sincerely asks Gran to say Miss Emma how sorry she is about Jefferson. Both sides have their pains and Edna is compassionate with all of them. We can also notice throughout the book Edna’s addiction to drinks. It is not accurately told, but we can easily notice the hint on this condition.

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