The most mysterious and conflicting personage is Egeus, the father of Hermia. He shows favor to Demetrius and fully supports an idea about ​​marriage with him. But he also knows about the feelings of his daughter to Lysander. Driven by the need to regain own authority, the stiff-necked Egeus leads Hermia to court to the ruler of Athens, where a traditional order of things is restored. As father gave life to his daughter, so he is free to dispose of her heart. In the depths of his soul, Egeus realizes that Demetrius is not without shortcomings, but he stubbornly defends his choice. He even ascribes witchcraft spells to his daughter's lover, Lysander, wishing to blacken him. The image of Egeus is the embodiment of a patriarchal order in which there is a place of the property, but not love.

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