El Sordo

El Sordo ("The deaf one") is the leading figure in the guerrilla band of fighters, including Joaquín and Ignacio, the group that operates in the same mountains as Pablo's band. He is a short and heavy man, with grey hair. El Sordo is the leader who embodies a lot of power. Although the hero is hard of hearing, he bravely overcomes the difficulty. El Sordo is one who is completely submissive to the fulfillment of his duty. He is a courageous and committed fighter. His honor, which is so important for a man of Spanish nature, does not permit even the minor signs of fear. He is not normally a man of many words. Like an expert in explosives Robert Jordan, El Sordo is very enthusiastic about the idea of a successful kill. El Sordo likes shooting and views any war as a type of hunting. He truly enjoys the war and is a reliable soldier. Also, in some moments, it seems that the hero leads his group much better than Pablo. He is ready to do anything in the changing face of war. Besides, El Sordo finds a particular inner connection to Pilar who also demonstrates a kind of dedication.  As a result, even though El Sordo is a man of few words, he positively reacts to the plan to blow up the bridge. However, his strategic plans fail as El Sordo, as well as the fighters of his band, is killed by fascists. In fact, the next day fascists storm El Sordo's cave, the hero together with his band flee to a hilltop, and, eventually, the group is bombed by planes. And immediately before the hero dies, the readers feel like he is a defeated fighter who helplessly gets stuck on his hilltop before enemy plans. 

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