Eladio is also a member of Pablo's band of Guerilla fighters. He is Andrés's older brother who is totally different from him. Unlike Andrés, he is one of the soldiers who do nothing worth to mention. Even though Eladio worries about everything much more than his brother and obeys the mission, his destiny is to be unnoticed. Later, he also is one who is in charge of the absence of his brother. In fact, Agustin chides him instead of Andres. Consequently, Eladio's role in the story is relatively minor.  For the first time, he is presented for the readers on the first night, together with Primitivo and Andrés. However, unlike others, he remains nameless. Even more, in the further developing of the story, he is shown as a nameless character for a long time, and only in the middle of the book, the readers may notice his name. Even Robert Jordan, one of the main characters, endlessly forgets Eladio's name. Despite the intensive plot of the story, Eladio does nothing at all worthy of one's attention. Finally, as might be expected, though he is shot through the head at the end of the story, his death is unnoticed as all his life.

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