Ellen is from the list of those minor characters in the novel, but her presence is extremely important. She is a daughter of Linda and a white man Mr. Sands, the young son of the lawyer. Being born in slavery, Ellen has an uncertain fate from the beginning of her life. However, Mr. Sands was managed to buy her and her brother Benny freedom. Linda always worried about her children and wanted them to have a different life she has.

From the early childhood, Ellen is a kind and intelligent girl. Being young she was forced to work on the plantation like a slave. However, her father found the solution for this and managed to send her to her grandmother’s house. She was forced to be distinguished from her mother and even did not know how she was hiding in the same house where Ellen was living. When Mr. Sands was moving to the north, he took a girl and placed her with his relatives in Brooklyn. This was important to protect her from the cruel Dr. Flint and provide a happy calm life. Ellen’s uncle managed to find the way to let her study at boarding school and paid for her schooling. It was the place where Ellen was formed physically and mentally into an adult.

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