Eponine Thénardier is the oldest daughter in the Thénardier family. In her childhood, she has everything and is spoiled by her parents. However, as she grows up, her adult life turns out to be completely different. She joins her father, who teaches her how to steal. At the same time, she is kind and good-hearted, and it is shown in her attitude to Marius.

Eponine falls in love with Marius Pontmercy and is completely blinded by this feeling. She does everything for him. For example, Marius asks her to show him where Valjean and Cosette live, and she leads him there. One day, she tries to prevent her father from robbing Valjean and Cosette’s house just because she knows that Marius is inside. His feelings lead her to desperate actions. She disguises as a boy encourages Marius to go together to the barricades because she believes that the only way for them to be together is to die together. Finally, she saves Marius’ life. When a soldier tries to shoot him, she stands between Marius and the musket and gets a fatal wound. As Eponine is dying, she confesses everything to Marius telling him who she really is and how she loves him. After that, she gives him a letter from Cosette and tells him how to find her. Her last wish was for Marius to kiss her on the forehead once she dies, and Marius fulfills this wish because he feels pity for her.

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