Estragon, also known as Gogo or Adam, is the second lead character of the play Waiting for Godot. From the very beginning of the play, it becomes clear that Estragon is completely different to Vladimir. He never thinks about various philosophical issues and prefers to pay attention to the matters of the earthly world instead. He is more than just ordinary, making a great contrast to Vladimir, his intellectual abilities, and proper behavior. Thus, Estragon eats chicken bones without any feeling of shame because he is hungry, sees no relation between being beaten and a philosophical message, and can beg for money if it is necessary.

Analyzing this character, it becomes obvious that, unlike Vladimir, he has no concerns about religion or philosophy., and even does not know the basic tales from the Bible. At the same time, Estragon appears to depend on Vladimir, as he constantly tells him what to say and what to do. Thus, because of a childish and naive nature, this man needs a person to take care of him and to look after, as it is quite difficult for Estragon to live this life without a proper piece of advice obtained from a more intelligent individual. 

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