Eugenio is a paternal protectorate for Daisy. Despite the disapproval of Daisy's actions, he takes care of her and her mother. When Daisy talks about getting into a boat with Winterbourne to drive to the castle, he does not accept her behavior. He tries to influence his decisions to see their success, but she still rebels. This is the attitude that bizarre women often have with fathers trying to suppress their free spirits. Eugenio also wants to help Daisy with cultural adaptation to Europe, but in the end, she falls between two cultures: American and European.

Eugenio models a strict social hierarchy and old values. When he first appeared, he seems very formal, as he refers to Daisy as “Mademoiselle” and says that he “has the honor to inform Mademoiselle [Daisy] that dinner is on the table” while he sits down, bowing. This shows how he respects those who have a higher reputation in society than he does. But when Daisy does her job, planning her trip to Château de Chillon, Eugenio asks her an “outrageous” question, as Eugenio prefers to keep people in her place in society. From this point of view, it can be seen that Eugenio behaves in lower social status than his actual social location, which is just as bad as a person with a high social status who behaves below his place, for example, daily planning.

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