Ezra Huston

On Saturday morning at the Weedpatch, the community prepares for the party. Everyone bathes and puts on their best clothes. What about Ezra? Well, he plays a major role here. He is elected as a head of the Central Committee at Weedpatch. That is why all the responsibility was on him. The Central Committee is concerned about the possibility of deputies trying to bust up the dance. As he appears only in the episode of Dance, we will talk about him only in this case.

This committee head, Ezra Huston, asks Willie Eaton about the entertainment committee to make sure that everything will be alright. Willie says he has 20 men in the committee and they all will make sure there isn't any trouble. Ezra emphasizes that he doesn't want any violence. Willie says they don't have to use violence. But if the episode will go smoothly will it become the part author would like to talk about? Of course not, during the dance happened and unpredictable situation and that is why Ezra advises Tom and the other men on how to deal with the situation at the Saturday dance in the way that no one will have a problem in the future. Ezra appears to be very strong and active man who knows what he wants in this life.

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Ezra Huston in the Essays