Fanny Robbin

Fanny Robbin is an orphan, former servant of Bathsheba, and beloved of Troy. Mr. Boldwood helped Fanny enter the school when she was young but he never even refers to her by name.

Fanny is a courageous, proud and fair girl. She is the exact opposite of Bathsheba. She is good in her simplicity, and Bathsheba has incredible energy and a complex, sometimes explosive character. They are really completely different, but it turns out that they love the same man.

Fanny runs away from the estate in order to be with Troy. He was going to marry Fanny, but on the wedding day she confused everything and came to the wrong church. The girl explained her mistake, but Troy, offended by the fact that he had to wait without sense at the altar, terminates the engagement in anger. Soon it turns out that Fanny is pregnant. But her tragic fate awaits her as she dies during childbirth.

This innocent girl became a victim of her own love. Fanny is a seduced girl who has to pay for the sins of both. Unfortunately, Francis Troy understands that he loves her very much only after her death. For Bathsheba, the death of Fanny and the baby means the pain of her married life with Troy. Fanny is characterized as a blushful girl. Her life is based on chance and fate. Being like an accessory for Troy, she was devastated by him.

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