A middle-aged member of Pablo's band which seems to live by old customs and obey the established norms of morality. Throughout the story, he is a very solemn person who merely serves his primary duty. Fernando is a short man in his mid-thirties who is easily offended by vulgarities. Besides, the hero is so concerned with the feeling of dignity that he seems to be the oldest character in the story, even though he is surely younger than Anselmo. The fact that also demonstrates his high moral values is the hero's reaction to the obscene language. Fernando believes that all young ladies like Maria should never hear any obscenities or become the subjects of rumors. Also, the hero embraces bureaucracy and, because of his literal-minded nature, regularly becomes the target of Pilar’s endless jokes. Even Robert Jordan laughs at Pablo, referring to him as "Cigar Store Indian." As a fighter, he demonstrates strong loyalty supporting Robert Jordan throughout the novel. Even when Fernando dies slowly and painfully after he has been shot in the groin, he tries to offer his useless help to the others. Hence, in Fernando's actions, one may see the sacrifice and the commitment to the mission in any situation. 

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Fernando in the Essays