Fiona doesn’t appear in the text a lot. But she seems to be very nice, patient and strong person. We can assume it after several phrases where she only confirmed it. By the way, it is absolutely sad that she doesn’t appear a lot.

Fiona is a very pretty girl who is sensitive, intelligent, quiet, and polite. Also, she is mild-mannered and a caretaker. She has red hair and is very proud to be the only one with them. What else can we say about her? Well, she isn’t quite a typical girl of her age. She is gifted, and she doesn’t accept it as just a thing, as something that is given to everyone.

Jonas is completely in love with her. Moreover, his first sexual stirrings come in the form of an erotic dream about Fiona. We see how during the story they are becoming different, and completely understand that nothing can happen between them. Though, it would be really cool if their relationships developed. But we are not the author, so, he decided that final would be better.

Also, we know for sure that she is training to become a Caretaker for the Old.

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Fiona in the Essays