Florence is a friend of Antonio. He is a blond-haired boy who, despite his young age, has gone through a lot of difficulties – his mother died when he was only three, his father died because of alcohol dependence and his two sisters were hookers. All these hardships became the root causes of his atheism. The boy can't understand how good and fair God could let all these bad things happen. However, he continues to attend catechism in order to have the opportunity to spend some time with friends. When other children wanted Antonio to play a role of the priest and take some actions concerning Florence's unbelief in God, the boy refuses to punish his friend and gives him forgiveness. Antonio can't impact on thoughts of Florence regarding atheism because he has a strong argument – how God can allow such a great amount of evil to take place? Florence proves to Antonio that each religion has its pitfalls. The boy drowns while swimming. The loss of his friend makes Antonio thinking about the possibility that there is no magic which is embodied in the novel by Ultima, no God who is represented by religion, and no myth which is shown in the image of the Golden Carp, at all – only emptiness.

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