Freddy Eynsford Hill

Freddy is Clara's brother who almost immediately falls in love with a young girl Eliza. He has a truly romantic nature and even writes love letters to her to express his feelings. Probably, some events from the play demonstrate that Eliza also wants to marry Freddy. However, it is also possible that for the girl Freddy is nothing else but a perfect opportunity to escape from the control of Higgins. Freddy actually has qualities that make him a good match for Eliza. In fact, because of own feelings, Freddy can give Eliza the love she truly needs. He sincerely loves Eliza's personality and character. He visits her persistently and uses every occasion to see her once more. However, later it becomes evident that he is not able to care for Eliza in a proper way. Freddy is a rich and spoiled boy who has never worked and always takes care only of himself. Hence, Freddy can not offer Eliza the future she really needs. As far as Freddy's role in the play is concerned, he is usually only in the background of the main events and never plays any significant role in the developing of the narrative line.

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Freddy Eynsford Hill in the Essays