Gabriel is the sweetest child you have ever seen. He is so adorable that no one can stop touching him, playing and talking. He appeared in the family of Jonas because of the father of the family. Jonas's father works as a Nurturer, so he takes the kid home not permanently; it is just needed in order to give more care. His job was to take care of children and keep them in safety before the Ceremony of Names. Gabriel becomes a lively, inquisitive toddler, and Jonas discovers that he is also able to receive memories. That is why the kid immediately gets a good destiny, only selected can have such a power.

Also, the kid is sleeping in Jonas's room, which leads the Nurturers to agree to release him, a decision that causes a drastic change in Jonas's plans. Of course, we can’t talk about him and discuss as a real character because he doesn’t have lines in the text or moves, as he is just a child. But he played a significant role in the lives of the whole Jonas’s family.

Being a kid, it needs to get more and more attention and care. He is a very sweet child during the day, but at night nothing can make him stop crying except for Jonas. Once he discovered that he could put him sleep with some memories, and it really helped. He slept during the whole night and started gaining the weight as each newborn child. He and Jonas became very close to each other.

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Gabriel in the Essays