Gabriel Oak

Gabriel Oak is a 28 years old man, very educated and talented herdsman, who can play the flute. Gabriel is a real “man of the ground,” he is kind, strong, noble, responsible, loyal and, as it has turned out, patient. At the same time, he is prudent and persistent in his decisions and actions. At all points, he is a completely positive person.

Farmer Oak, from some shy modesty, seems to be constantly obsessed with the idea that he should not take up much space, and therefore he tries not to attract attention and walks not so much as slouching, but slightly pulling his head in the shoulder. Gabriel Oak, the embodiment of resilience and reliability, deeply popular and truly national character.

His poverty is compensated by the fervent devotion to work and craftsmanship. An attempt to engage in farming not as an employee, but on the rights of the owner, on his own, alone, and still pay the debt for sheep, was, of course, a risky thing, and Gabriel Oak was well aware of this.

Once he knew better days, and he himself rented a farm. But due to a terrible accident, Gabriel lost everything and was forced to become an employee in an alien mansion again. However, Oak never despairs and may be a good example of how not to give up in a difficult situation.

There is sympathy between Gabriel and Everdene. A young man loves Everdene Bathsheba and is devoted to her with all his heart. He several times offers a girl to marry him, but proud Everdene considers him too "simple." Besides, there are so many suitors around her!

Nevertheless, Gabriel Oak, being sincerely in love, does not turn into a rag and does not lose respect for himself, and he continues to look at all the flaws of his beloved. But in the end, Bathsheba understands to whom she has the real feelings and agrees to marry Gabriel.

Gabriel Oak is the embodiment of resilience and reliability, deeply folk and truly national character.

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