George Murchison

George Murchison is the minor character of the play A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry. He is presented to the audience as well educated and rich fellow who like to show off with his academic achievements. That is why he never misses a chance to make some literary allusion and perform his deep knowledge in a range of academic subjects. At the same time, the information presented by him is usually wasted by people as it is considered by them to be irrelevant and overwhelming. In order to highlight his significance, George tends to confront other people during conversations and forces them to feel worse in comparison to him.

Thus, he compels Beneatha’s pieces of knowledge about Africa and shows no respect to people from this continent. During the final argument before their break up, the fellow warns Beneatha, a progressive young woman who does not follow the standard social patterns, not to be one of those “new women” and reevaluate her intellectual capabilities. For sure, it means the end of their relationship, and Beneatha makes a decision to start building new relations with Joseph Asagai, a student from Africa, who respects re feelings and supports in any kind of situation. 

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