Georges Pontmercy

Georges Pontmercy is Marius’ father. He served in Napoleon’s army and then married Monsieur Gillenormand’s daughter. Georges was seriously wounded at Waterloo but survived, and now he believes that M. Thénardier was the one who saved his life and whom he owes everything now. It should be noted that while Napoleon reigned over the country, Georges Pontmercy was a baron. However, as the next regime came in power, they refused to recognize his status and called him a commandant. Georges Pontmercy is shy and timid; however, it does not prevent him from the successful career in the army.

Monsieur Gillenormand does not share Georges’ political beliefs, and thus, he hates him. Finally, after the death of his wife, Gillenormand manages to take Marius away from Georges and adopts him. Georges Pontmercy is a good father. He loves Marius and attempts at least to see him as Monsieur Gillenormand forbids him to communicate with the son. As a result, for the rest of his life, Georges Pontmercy always hid behind one of the pillars in a church to see Marius from a distance and remain invisible.

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