Mr. Giovanelli

Mr. Giovanelli is a newer version of European values and beliefs that focuses more on the flexibility of the social hierarchy than Eugenio. Mr. Giovanelli does not support the same beliefs as Yugo’s regarding the correct behavior of a woman. While Eugenio did not allow Daisy to lock up only with Winterbourne, Mr. Giovanelli had no doubt about being in the office with her, even though they were not busy. This shows that Mr. Giovanelli believes that although there are social differences, one can move freely between them, but not as far as Daisy believes. Both Eugene and Giovanelli show faith in the social hierarchy and old European values, but the extent of this belief differs between the two.

Mr. Giovanelli represents the stereotypical appeal that European men often have with American women tourists and takes full advantage of them. Daisy pursues him more seriously than he ever took. However, Daisy also uses him as a way to manipulate Winterbourne to get his attention and make him jealous. In the end, Mr. Giovanelli wants only Daisy for his money and for sex, but when she falls ill, he suddenly comes out of the picture without personal affection, as the quote “Mr. Giovanalli was not next to us, as she fell ill.” He knew that he was selfish and that this “relationship” would never have a sense of duty on his part.

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