Even taking into account that Godot is never shown to the readers and viewers, he is considered to be a decisive figure in Waiting for Godot. He does not say a word; nonetheless, all the protagonists feel his significance and are influenced by his words. Throughout the major scenes, Estragon, Vladimir, Lucky, and Pozzo are patiently waiting for the appearance of Mr. Godot, a mysterious man that forces people of different social status and intellectual capacity to spend time together.

They are completely different from each other, and at the same time, they have something in common. In this way, the author of the play shows that all the people dream and hope for the better tomorrow, would they be poor, miserable, rich, or intelligent. Moreover, all the humans are described to be equal before the day off tomorrow, as some of them may lose their fortune, obtain freedom, or find a friend a mentor. This day appears to be special and unpredictable, bringing both joy and grief, and it is impossible to predict this priceless gift. The character of Mr. Godot may also be associated with the image of God as he also has the endless power to change people’s lives. Therefore, many of them pray to him every day, hoping for the impossible to come. 

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Godot in the Essays