Granma Joad

The Granma is the matriarch of the whole family. She and the husband – Grampa Joad were the first who began farming on the land that Pa has lost.

She is described as a very wise and kind woman, though sometimes her behavior seems to be strange, and we will describe it to you with examples later. She is a very Christian woman, in some moments she is described as the comically spiritual woman. Each time Casy stops to grace, she shouts "PRAISE GAWD." Her beliefs are strongly visible after the Grampa’s death. Words she says weren’t typical ones of grieving widow. She turns to Casy and says "Pray, goddam you." This woman is a weirdo, but that makes the story even cooler.

She loves casting hellfire and damnation in the direction to all people especially to her husband. It doesn’t even matter that she loves him, her words in real mean nothing as she doesn’t think bad saying those things – she is a woman like that, and that is all, a matter of character, no more.

When her husband dies, she seems to be very upset, and it is not strange. He was a love of all her life. And here is the example of her strange behavior we promised at the beginning – she was exactly that person who drugged Grampa. We don’t know if it was, but probably she felt very sorry after that, maybe she thought that she was the reason for her husband’s stroke. We will never get it, but the only thing we know that she suffered without her husband thought it was not for a long time. She died right after her family reached another state in the California desert. When her family reaches Bakersfield, he was buried there. We can be happy for her, that her pains were not made for anything.

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