Grant Wiggins 

Grant Wiggins is the most educated figure in his surrounding of the Afro-American people. This is a person who was able to complete an education at the university but returned to his hometown afterward. Wiggins started giving lessons at his home school where his childhood had been spent. People respect Grant for his noble profession, but Wiggins himself does not see his work as a useful one. He is deeply disappointed in the situation around him where nothing changes. He ponders with hard feelings about the Black people inability to move forward and improve their lives.

From the one point of view, Wiggins is a pessimist with constant negative thoughts. He can be really cynical and worth of critic. However, there is no strict negative strict mark on this figure. The book covers the idea that each of us has something bad and it does not change the fact that we have our positive features. Grant is a person with a lovely heart fully devoted to his black people. He has the ability to help people make changes in their life and is struggling to show them the way to improvement. He is the one who received glory from surroundings.

Grant has a strong desire to move away from the hometown, but for some reasons, he stayed in. He thinks about the attitude to the black people and the recognizing that nothing had changed for the good makes him depressive. He deeply wants another life for him and his people. He is full of the desire to see progress and every time is upset when meets the stable condition in the society.

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Grant Wiggins  in the Essays