Harold Mitchell (Mitch)

Mitch is a poker companion and employee of Sten. However, it has kindness, sincerity, nobility, shyness and has the ability to feel the beauty. Harold Mitch plays the role of the male opposite of the protagonist.

He lives with his dying mother and takes care of her. During the regular men's get-togethers after the game of poker, Blanche and Mitch get to know each other. Struck by the beauty and simplicity of Blanche, he begins to care for her. On a date, she tells him that she was already married, and the marriage left scars on her soul, as the spouse suddenly committed suicide. Nevertheless, he intends to marry her, so she hooked him with its mystery and tragic charm. Apparently, their relationship is based on the mutual need for warm relations, as both survived the death of a loved one. But having learned about the unflattering part of Blanche, in spite of all his love, he cowardly does not come to the meeting with her beloved and, like Stella, becomes a silent accomplice of her persecution, although he later regrets his actions.

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Harold Mitchell (Mitch) in the Essays