Helena acts as a symbol of insane and capricious love. She is so obsessed with Demetrius that her excessive display of feelings leads him to fury. She is aware of self-deception but continues to pursue her lover, unable to stop. Helena is trying to understand the reason for their parting. She compares her appearance with the beauty of her rival, declaring that she is not inferior to her. In her image, Shakespeare informs the audience that love is blind and illogical, and the reasons for its genesis remain unknowable. In addition, Helena, like Hermia, points out the differences in the state of women and men. Unlike the latter, they cannot choose their husbands, but only wait when someone pays attention to them. Pursuing Demetrius, Helena sort of exchanges roles with him: she is a hunter, and he is a prey. The female characters in this play focus not only on gender issues but also show that friendship is stronger than love.

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