Henri Pichot

Henri Pichot is a person who supplies most of the people from the community by the job. He has his own plantation that gives much work. He is the man that is much higher by the position than any other surrounding people and can easily influence them using his bossy abilities. Henri lives in a huge house lots of the other characters do not even dream to have. The list of black people are hard working to keep this house in order, and Henri does not lose any opportunity to admit that he finds himself better than black people who are working for him.

However, Henri Pichot is not evil and has a heart too. He does many efforts to influence the court decision about Jefferson life and helps Miss Emma. He made his part in achieving the permission for Miss Emma to visit Jefferson. In spite of being a racist and having black people for nothing, he does not stop being a human and is able to understand the other’s pain. He remembers all that long years of Miss Emma working for his family and decided that it is his obligation to help her. His wife was a sister to a sheriff, so the problem was easily solved.

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