Henry Higgins

Professor Higgins, a protagonist of the story, is described by the author as a very ignorant and rude man. He has no awareness of the norms of behavior in single situations. Regardless of Higgins's educational background, he has poor manners that decrease his position in society.

As far as his academic knowledge is concerned, Higgins is a great linguist and studies phonetics and the peculiarities of the dialects, as well as the ways different people speak. Besides, it is Professor Higgins who has created the Universal Alphabet. The best example of the professor’s intolerant behavior is his attitude to Eliza and Mrs. Pearce. For instance, he never respects Eliza, no matter who is around.

The professor merely diminishes Eliza's worth. However, such behavior totally contradicts with Higgins's philosophy. In fact, the hero is assured that the most significant thing is to treat everyone equally only in a given situation. Nevertheless, on many occasions, the hero demonstrates good manners and does not treat everyone equally all of the time. Probably, the fact that may explain such behavior is Higgins's concentration and engagement in the study of language. The professor is so concentrated on his researches that he merely ignores the needs and interests of other individuals. He is a very cynical person upon how he views the world and people around him.

Hence, it become understandable why Henry Higgins is one of the most complex characters in the story. Generally, regardless of his poor manners, the professor has a good heart and is totally harmless. This is the main reason why society has not turned against him.

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