In the image of Hermia Shakespeare embodied a young girl who believes in sincere feelings. Her fate falls cruelly. Father insists on her marriage to Demetrius because he sees in him an equal to himself. Hermia, however, loves Lysander, who did not manage to please her family. Not having any choice, a girl has to agree because she is only a paternal property, and the laws of that time say that the father's word is the final decision. This conflict underscores the complexity of the position of women in the harsh men's world, where Hermia is destined for the role of a humble daughter, a faithful wife or nun. Hermia feels some doubts about her appearance. So, she thinks that Lysander preferred her to another because she is shorter. The image of Hermia once again reminds that love is a fairly ephemeral substance that often focuses not on the inner wealth of a person, but on his or her external forms.

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Hermia in the Essays