Hippolyte was a good servant at the Yonville inn. His destiny was not so good, because as a result of Emma and Homais’s desire to help he loses his leg. The only episode when we see him is exactly the tragic one, after that or before that we never get to know his personality.

But first things first. This man was splayfoot since childhood, but he easily gets addicted to it and even sees it as his own pep up. One day Emma came to his inn and said that her husband is a perfect doctor, who can help him, and treat his illness. Hippolyte didn’t want it, but after several attempts, he agrees to get cured. But we all know that Charles wasn’t a very good doctor who can deal with such hard situations. That is why during the operation on Hippolyte’s club foot he made a mistake and gangrene set it. As a result, another doctor was called there, but unfortunately, it was too late to save the foot. At the end of Hippolyte’s story, he loses his leg and can’t work and live his previous life anymore. What does he feel? Well, after such situations in life people feel most of all stupid thinking that everything can be in another way, everything could be good. Hippolyte was yelling on Emma because at the very beginning he didn’t want this operation, it was she who insisted on it. Well, we see here Emma’s idealization of the world as well. Who asked her to help? No one, but feel that love will conquer everything she thought that love would work here too. Unfortunately, seeing the world through the blind spot never helps to achieve desired things.

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