James Hardhouse

Mr. Hardhouse is a young gentleman from London with appropriate manners. From the first sight, he is classical, but a bit boring, however, that is a mistake since after meeting Louisa he tries to seduce her, understanding that she is a married lady. He is determined not only in love affairs but also in developing business. James tries to have a place under the sun in the Parliament. His ideas in the politics James support Mr. Gradgrind’s. This way he meets Louisa, who attracts him more physically than morally; therefore, he makes awkward attempts to seduce her. Mr. Hardhouse is on the verge to succeed with this attempt. Sissy appeared as an angel for Louisa and explained, not in a highly polite manner, that it is better for him to return to London and try to find love in his hometown.

The philosophy of this character is absolutely ‘londonesse’ since he doubts in his expressions, sophisticated in manners, a kind of a gentleman, but James reckons that there are no honest people in the world and no one has to be trusted. His worldview is much the same as Tom Gradgrind’s, due to James approaches any task with a statistical overview and rigid calculations. A normal man cannot leave by the schedule since there are a number of unplanned circumstances to deal with.

James lives his life as a game built on numbers. He believes that everything turns around money and prosperity, but not emotions. Therefore, his prototype, may be unconscious, is Mr. Gradgrind. His instincts rule his mind and those who are emotionally normal see how cunning James Hardhouse is. This man is one of Utilitarian principles and way of life. If taking Mr. Gradgrind into consideration, such a spouse would be the best couple for her daughter.

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