Jefferson is a boy whose way was not supplied with good luck. He met the guys who organized a robbery at the store, and when they run away, Jefferson was the one who stayed and was caught by the owner. He made some stupid mistakes that even deeper his situation and made it more complicated. The boy was not clever enough to think about the results of his actions and was not fast enough to run away and save himself. He was shocked and stayed waiting for something not realizing in what trouble he was. Additionally, he was extremely poor.

The court decided Jefferson must die. His lawyer decided to protect him by presenting the boy as an old hog. Jefferson acted to show people his hog capacity as the comment of his lawyer set deep in his mind. Consequently, the court made the decision of killing the boy in the way the hogs are usually killed. The boy decided to act in the way people expect from him and behaved in a corresponding way.

However, in the finishing days of his life, we can notice the good changes in his behavior and the great impact on this was made by Grant. Jefferson was full of desire to live his last few days as a human. He understood that his condition was created by the chance decision of some people and it is not fair. The boy could not change this decision, but it was not necessary to lose the human features. He could be a personality in any way. In the finishing lines of his notebook, we can see the transformation that this boy had undergone.

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