Jerry Cruncher

This character is a perfect match for the Paris of that times, especially for the Tellson’s Bank. He is gruff, short-tempered, and very superstitious. What is the most important – he was very stupid, or better to say uneducated. His family was from very poor ones, that is why they hadn’t got money at all. Even food in their house was a party, so no words were said about school or college for Jerry.

As he isn’t a very important hero, neither the main one, Dickens didn’t give him a lot of lines. That is why it is a little bit hard to see all his borders of character.

In this book, he works very hard, but what is more interesting – he likes his job, and it frightens. Why? Well, can you stay in the cemetery in the evening more than for several minutes? It is something scary there. But not for this guy – he works as a Resurrection-Man. His main responsibility was digging up dead bodies and selling them to scientists. Isn’t it awful? But okay, we can’t judge people who just want to earn money to live their lives a little bit better. Or can we?

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