A young eighteen years old boy, with a fear-drained face. Joaquín is the member of El Sordo's guerrilla band. He is an amiable, pleasant, and skinny young man with long, curly hair. Besides, he is the only one member of El Sordo's group that the readers know by name. Before the boy joins the band, Joaquín has always wanted to be a bullfighter as Andrés. However, his inner fears have become the main obstacle in his way. Also, being an eighteen years old boy, he has already faced a lot of life trials. In fact, Joaquín has lost his family in the harsh hands of the Fascists, and this fact has left the hero with a deep sadness. During the war, Joaquín immediately falls for the Republicans’ propaganda, particularly La Pasionaria. Throughout the story, he repeats the slogan in his boy’s voice.  He acts in respect to the Soviet orders and demonstrates ideological commitments. However, before own death, he turns back to the religious beliefs, and this fact symbolizes the emptiness of political discourse in times of the war.  In fact, when he faces own death, Joaquín drops the propaganda and goes back to the Hail Mary’s known from the childhood. 

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