John Grady Cole

John is the main hero of the story. But even if we see that the story takes place in the Western style, our hero definitely doesn’t begin as the Western one. John Grady is an attractive young man, who is also called a ladies’ man. He isn’t from that stupid Casanovas at all. He is smart and very skillful in his favorite thing – riding horses. He believes in what is right and what is wrong. Situations can’t be controversial, there always has to be “black or white.” No golden middles for John Cole. When he was sixteen, his biggest dream was to live to run the ranch on which he's lived his whole life. Unfortunately, everything can’t go in the way we want to. When his grandfather dies, his mother inherits the ranch that is why; she found no better decision than to sell it. That is why, after that, he decided to move.

Also, he has a strange thing – he always idealizes and moralizes each situation. What is the most significant about this hero; he is a good listener and friend. Especially we see it on a trip and conversations with foreigners - Rocha, Alfonsa, El Capitan. During their journey, he listened to them, their stories and tragedies, but it didn’t change his own point of view, he didn’t stop to believe in good and right. He simply can’t become evil; he is not a boy like that. His conscience is guided by the righteous and romantic. And again, he is the most moral hero.

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