John Worthing, J.P.

This character is the main hero of the story.  Moreover, John is the most sympathetic hero of the book. The destiny of this person wasn’t from easy ones. When he was a newborn baby, his parents left him in a handbag in the cloakroom of Victoria Station. His life could end there at that night if an old man didn’t find and adopt him. During some time John becomes kind of a guardian to old man’s granddaughter Cecily Cardew.

As he was living in the aristocratic family, he was a very popular person in the city. He was a very eligible bachelor in the town and village. Also, one interesting fact about him – in the city he was known as Earnest, in the country his name was Jack – there he was a local magistrate with lots of responsibilities.

Also, even before Jack gets to know that he is an elder brother, he behaves like the one. His personage is bossy. He had no problem giving people pieces of advice, ruling them a little bit. He isn’t even exhausted giving those bits of advice as fast as he can one after another. Do you remember all those: don’t eat these, don’t read those private cigarette case, you’d better stop discussing the modern culture that a person can’t speak like a dentist and lots more.

Unfortunately, he never gets the information from his real family. In this book, he is described as a very sincere and serious person. Of course, there were misunderstandings, things we don’t like very much, but we like this guy, and we cannot do anything with that. 

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John Worthing, J.P. in the Essays