José Arcadio Buendía

José Arcadio Buendía is the founder of the town of Macondo and the head of a large family. He is a man of a strong character, immobile with great physical strength, strong-willed, stubborn and unyielding. He had a deep interest in the design of the world, sciences, technical innovations, and alchemy. Even as a child, the doctor recognized Colonel Buendia as prone to loneliness, since he does not trust anyone, suspects everyone, and tries to protect himself from the people in all possible ways. At the age of 19, despite all the objections of his relatives, he married his cousin Ursula Iguaran. And on the eve of their wedding, the newlyweds are warned that their marriage can lead to their children having pig tails or other deviations, which, in fact, happened. One of the daughters was frigid, another child, in fact, born with a pig tail. Jose Arcadio can predict the future and talk with the ghost of Prudencio Aguilar, who was killed by him in his youth, not to mention the strange fact that José Arcadio Buendia went mad trying to find a philosopher's stone and eventually forgot his native language by speaking in Latin. He spends most of his life tied to a tree in the patio. The founder of the genus Jose Arcadio also ends his life lonely: by the chestnut tree in the courtyard, where he met his old age in the company of  Prudencio Aguilar ghost, who was killed in his youth. Shortly before his death, his wife Ursula removes ropes from him and releases her husband.

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