Joseph Asagai

Joseph Asagai is a minor character of the play A Raisin in the Sun who struggles to develop his relations with Beneatha. He always looks for her attention and makes everything possible to spent to spend some time with her. He is persistent enough to achieve his aim; nonetheless, his attention to the young and well-educated girl is not overwhelming for her. Because the fellow knows what Beneatha likes, he presents her with a great variety of useful and desired things, in this way, conquering her heart.

The feelings of Joseph Asagai to the girl are sincere, and, in the long run, she accepts his offer to be more than friends. Being an ordinary student originated from Africa, the fellow id full of charm, shows good manners and is known to be intelligent and well-educated. Unlike George Murchison, his competitor for the heart of Beneatha, he perfectly fits the Youngers because he has a lot in common with all the members of the large and friendly family. 

At the same time, the author describes Joseph Asagai to be too much idealistic and full of patriotism. Thus, he would sacrifice his life for the sovereignty of his country as, according to him, the independence of the state is the most important thing for its residents. Being old-fashioned, the fellow cares a lot about the other people and tries his best to be helpful to them. For that reason, he became a volunteer and performed as a conscious and patriotic resident. When Beneatha happens to experience some difficulties, he supports her with a good piece of advice and helps to find the proper solution to the issue. Besides, he usually supports her emotionally and provides his shoulder when she needs it. 

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Joseph Asagai in the Essays