Jule Vitela

For people who read the book it will not be a surprise to know that Tom was chosen to be a bouncer on the Saturday dance. And he was really lucky to get such a position.

He gets acquainted with a super cool man whose name is Jule Vitela, who, by the way, is half Cherokee. Tom and this half Cherokee, Jule Vitela had one aim and reason to look over all people on the dance, to see who arrives and who goes away, to try to guess who will be a troublemaker person, and who will be better to go home from the party.

Here we get to know Jule closely (as he never appeared before, and will never appear again). He is a very observant; he has such an ability to see bad in people. That is why when he mentioned three strange guys he had no doubts that those three men need to go. He tells it to Tom, Tom goes to Willie and says to keep an eye on those three people. And everything was going normal, even the first dance ended without any problem (we even started to think that Jule is not as cool as we supposed to) but everything was okay not for a long time.  Just before the second dance, the three men enter the dance floor and start to pick a fight. All other twenty men of the committee run over there and start taking them and escort the three men off the dance floor. When they pick those three men away, music was switch on again, and the party continues. Jule and Tom bring the three troublemakers to the back fence to ask who hired them to ruin the party. When those three didn’t answer, they were free to go. 

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